Using Your IPhone The Way It Was Meant To Be Used


To save time, don't always click the "X" option when the AutoCorrect function mistakenly changes your word. You can simply engage the screen anywhere. This ends the suggestion box quickly, so you can type the word the right way. Buy yourself an iphone 5 car charger and go with it in your car. It comes in handy when your battery is drained away from home.

If you accidentally get the iphone wet, the last thing you should do is turn it on. By turning it for you get the risk of short circuiting the item. Instead, you need to wipe it dry and then put it in to a Ziploc bag. Read More

Change Lives With One Of These Green Energy Tips


It can be frustrating whenever you think of creating your house greener. Find out where you should start and compare your different options before purchasing anything. Take care to read the following tips to look for the things that may greatly benefit your house.

Talk to your electricity company and find out when they present an alternative that allows your property to use green energy. Several organizations are now using wind or solar energy because of their energy, and you will benefit from this! Call your service today to discover when you can move to green power.

If you're thinking of switching to green energy, it can be too frustrating to jump in and take action all at once. Read More

Can apps improve your mental wellbeing?


To the smartphone-addled among us, advising the use of apps to fix mental health problems might seem like telling someone who needs to get fit to live on jam and fags. But it’s happening all the same. While gadget and social media addiction are lampooned for increasing teenage depression, and complaints abound that the constant compulsion to check apps and message conduits leaves us frazzled and scatterbrained, purveyors of wearable tech, app designers and even the NHS really want us to use our phones for soul-soothing.

The idea of treating mental health digitally is not new. A PC-based online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) treatment for depression has been in clinical use for seven years now – rolling out newer such services via smartphone apps will make this kind of treatment even more accessible. Read More